Short Circuit remake gets a writer

Here is another movie being remade, the last time I had even heard that they were considering making this one was back in December of 2006 (Short Circuit Remake?). I honestly feel like they are ruining my childhood with every freaking remake that they put into production.


Milano Pens “Short Circuit” Remake

By Garth Franklin Thursday June 4th 2009 06:39AM
Milano Pens "Short Circuit" RemakeDan Milano (“Greg the Bunny,” “Robot Chicken”) is set to script a remake of the 1986 family classic “Short Circuit” for Dimension Films says Variety.

The original followed an armed robot that acquired a personality after a lightning strike, and sought the help of humans to prevent its destruction by its makers in the military.

Milano plans to contemporize the story and bring a subversive edge to the original film scripted by S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock. David Foster, Ryan E. Heppe and John Hyde will produce.

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