Cell Pic(s) of the Day

I was going through my cell phone pics the other day and I realized that I have taken at least one picture on my phone every day so far in August. It got me thinking that maybe I should start posting (at least one pic a day–starting tomorrow!) those pics. But today, maybe I’ll do a little bit of catching up and post the “chosen pics” of the day.

I must warn you, they are probably going to be mostly of Peanut and Cassie, but I’ll try not to just have them. And maybe, just maybe, there may be more then one on a given day.



Peanut pretending to be a chocolate rabbit, I guess he feels safe because Easter is over.



Not the greatest picture, but Melissa was cleaning out the fish tank and she placed our three remaining fish in this container and I realized that we had three imprisoned Kryptonians in it. General Zod is the pale one, Non is the catfish and Ursa is the neon (which you can’t really see too well in this pic) Welcome to the Phantom Zone people!

and just in case you need a reference pic:


worship yes, little dot, kneel before Zod



Mammal sale: all mammals 20% off!

click below to see the rest:



Cassie would love to play with the ducks, I just don’t think we’d ever see her again if we let her into the lake…



Peanut has become a “Triclops”!



Dad, are you taking another picture of me?



pretty faced golden retriever



the pumpkin growing in our yard, as of last Saturday, I think its gotten much bigger. We didn’t plant it, but its growing there…I wish I had taken a picture as the plant grew, the plant itself is huge! But I haven’t ventured to see how big the actual pumpkin itself is.



this pic may warrant a closer look, but I took it because I liked the reflection of Cassie in the glass…nothing more…



I was victorious in my attempts to win this game of Spider Solitare.



Thomas’ English Muffins, a little sauce and some mozz cheese brings back a lot of childhood memories. Seeing these little pizzas reminded me of the pizza Marty’s mom in Back to the Future part 2 “hydrates” and it got me to re-watching the franchise that got me into film in the first place.



All hail Cesaer!



after driving by 7-Eleven so many times and mentioning that they have the WWE SummerSlam Big Gulp cups, Melissa surprised me by getting me one. She told me the story how her and her friend Alison were scouring the cups for a Triple H cup, but they couldn’t find one so they got Edge instead. No problem there. Probably my favorite character on WWE, even if he is injured for the next couple of month.

And just in case you can’t see or know who Edge is:

Anyway, I didn’t say they were going to be great pics, but pics. I’ll post one for today tomorrow (so I can see which pics are the best). Watch, I don’t take a single one today…haha


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