Cos has Fun with Photoshop

So, last week Melissa calls me and tells me that her supervisor (Alyssa) was attempting to fix a picture that she took of her two dogs, Barley and Owen, on paintbrush and prepare them for a Christmas card; with no luck. Melissa then recruited me to fix the problem myself, using my expertise in Photoshop. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but I tried and I think I did a pretty good job.

Here is the original picture:
Picture 524 by you.

The problem was that Alyssa wanted the hoods on the dog’s coats to be over their heads, but as most of us know, dogs don’t cooperate that nicely and this was the best picture she could get.

She did take a few other pics which I was able to use, here are those two pictures:

Picture 522 by you.

I used this picture of Owen and placed it in the picture above, he was easy…

Picture 535 by you.

Barkley on the other hand had an ear coming out of the hood, which I worked on, as well as removing the ears from the wall and replicating the wall behind the ears to get this final picture below:

OwenandBarkley2 by you.

I doubt this picture even shows them, but I even added some berries to the little Christmas trees behind the dogs.

I work really hard on this picture above, but I think this one below was simply fun:

MinnieLightening by you.

I love Photoshop…


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