So, is it really the end of the decade?

I remember back in 1999 when all of the Y2K stuff was going on that everyone was saying that it was the end of the century and finding out that the end of the century was actually the end of 2000. So, techincally, I was apart of the last graduating high school class of the last century, not the new century. This I knew.

This caused me to think about this “End of the Decade” stuff that people started coming up with in the last few months. Is it really the end of the decade? In actuallity the end of the decade is in a year ending in “0” not begining with it. And for those naysayers I show you an article I found from Associated Content:

When Does the Decade Really End?

December 23, 2009
Richard Brody
HINT- There Never was a Year “0”
Many magazines, newspapers, radio and television programs are compiling their “Best of the Decade” lists. But when does a decade really begin, and why? Ten years ago, many were planning Mellenium celebrations, and many of these same magazines were preparing their millenium lists, as well. And, then, a strange phenomenon occurred- someone actually checked when a century begins, when a millenium begins, and thus when a decade begins.
Since there never was a year “0,” the first decade was Years “1-10,” and the first century “1-100,” and thus the first mellenium was “1-1000.” Yet, people keep insisting that decades end when the next year that’s last number is “0” begins at midnight (actually, it’s at 0:00:01), because midnight is the day before. The same people who insist on this interpretation for decades, etc., have no difficulty in referring to midnight as 12:00 AM, and noon as 12:00 PM, although one would think that 12PM would follow 11PM (12AM follows 11PM), and 12 AM would follow 11 AM (12 PM actually follows 11AM).
Why all the fuss, and why all the confusion, and does it really matter anyway? First, let’s address the confusion. It is confusing because we refer, for example the 1960’s as “The Decade of the 60″s,” while in fact that is not the case. That decade actually began in 1961 and concluded in 1970. I think we keep in confusing, and don’t really make an attempt to “straighten it out,” because it is commercially profitable to have conflicting dates and interpretations, thus permitting two celebrations, two sets of “events,” etc., and thus creating additional sources of revenue! Yet, if we want to be technically correct, only the interpretation that decades end in the year with the “0” at the end can be correct, because otherwise the first decade only had nine years, and then it would NOT have been a decade!
Why all the fuss? Does anyone really care? Someone must, because otherwise music stations, sports stations and magazines, entertainment stations and magazines, and so many others, would not spend so much time, money and effort on these lists. Is it all about commercial gain? Probably NOT all, but most likely predominantly. There are only two reasons for this continued misinterpretation: (1) lack of knowledge; and (2) commercial profitability. The former should not, at this point still prevail, because so much time was spent on this discussion ten years ago! However, there are obvious commercial gains by maintaining this two- year celebration mode!
Does all this really matter? Probably not to too many people, but it gives me reason to rant. Giving me a reason to rant gives me a reason to write an article, and hopefully another reason why we should all think through things a little better! Happy End of the Ninth Year of the Decade, or Happy End of the 00’s!
Hope that clears things up…

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