Sirius Satellite Radio

So, for Christmas 09, my parents got me a Sirius Satellite Radio (AKA: my “new” sneakers) and I finally had it installed in my car. I got all the music channels and Howard Stern and I got a chance to listen to the tail end of the repeated Howard show from today and it brought back memories of when I used to listen. Robin was going over the news toward the end and they always play interview clips and they were discussing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who is acting in The Tooth Fairy. It felt like slipping on an old pair of shoes…I will be enjoying this for a while to come…

I did want to get the station that Opie & Anthony are on, but that meant adding “The Best of XM” and that cost $4 more dollars and its just not that important right now…maybe if they allow ordering just one station and not the whole package I’ll reconsider getting the O&A station. Sorry guys, but for now I’m going with Howard again…


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