Good Bye, Galaxy Gray

By: Cos


So, a few weeks ago, my Sirius Satellite Radio went out, I had some scheduling issues getting it back to the installer to fix. I finally got it to the shop a week ago and within a day the radio went AGAIN!  If you’ve been paying attention, I received the radio for Christmas and I got it installed at some point in January (Sirius Satellite Radio) so I am clearly frustrated that I’ve been having an issue with a brand new radio.

Tuesday comes and I find my driver’s side visor broken. I know I didn’t touch it in a way to break it, but there must have been some serious wear and tear on it to have broken the way that it did. Needless to say, adding these two injuries to my list of cosmetic problems that have occurred to my Honda Civic along with a chipped front windshield (a tiny little pebble flew up spring/summer of last year, on my way home from work in Newark, and hit at just the right spot and the right speed and chipped my windshield), as well as the amazing keying job some a-hole did at one of the restaurants near our house (came back from eating food and found this huge, $1500 dollar needed to fix, gash (not scratch) on the side of my car), and the fact that I’m in dire need of my 40,000 mile tune up; I pretty much have had it with my car.

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Not too long ago, this car was my baby. Purchased on Black Friday in 2007 (Black Friday Purchase, and first posted pics of car: One Week Later… if you go to the second link, did you notice the apartment in the background?) it was my pride and joy. I loved to drive that car. I loved blasting music and air conditioning on extremely hot summer days. I enjoyed listening to my shock jock talk radio (either Howard Stern or Opie & Anthony), my iPod, Podcasts, Sirius (oh, trust me, that will be back soon) and anything else that I had on any given day. I loved how my Civic was my escape out of Newark on the worst of days and my ride into my safe haven of my house, where Melissa and the rest of the “mamily” (family and mammals put together) would be waiting for me. I loved how my Civic would take us everywhere, to A & P to get food, take Cassie to the park and how her wet body would come back and I’d get muddy paws on my back seat. I loved how I could just jump and go in my Civic without any problems.

I remember getting this Honda Civic with four doors with the intention of keeping it for (AT LEAST) the five years that I had to pay for it and knowing that I am the spawn of my parents (who use things until those things die) I expected to have this car for years! But ultimately, my intentions were that the four doors on this car would be to be able to get a baby in and out of it easily.

Simply put…I loved this car…

But last Tuesday was the last straw. I remember when I got in my car and found the visor not working properly and then upon further inspection, that it was broken, I thought and I don’t remember what I thought being that angry, but I threw it out into the universe, I thought “I NEED A NEW CAR!”.

Two days passed and on Thursday I was out late and I received a phone call from Melissa saying that I received a letter from our Honda dealership about possibly taking my Honda Civic in and getting a new one with lower payments. I thought it was a ploy. I thought they just wanted to get us into the dealership and give us the ole bait and switch. You can have all of the good stuff, but it won’t be for the same price as your old one, let alone a lower price. How could anyone do that?

But I was wrong. We walked in and within 40 minutes we already had a lower payment, for the same car (just a different color and an 2010 model), best car buying experience ever…Now, I get to give my car back and get something new without (knock on wood) the problems of the old one. I get to pick up the new one tomorrow.

So, for the last time, let’s look at the last pics of my former baby, here is my 2008 Galaxy Gray Honda Civic :

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Will I miss my Galaxy Gray Honda Civic? I don’t know. I mean, I had an attachment to my Neon and about ten minutes in the Civic all of that was gone. This new one is the exact same model, just a 2010 and a different color, so I’m sure it’ll be just like driving the old one. I hope it is. I’ll let you know what color it is when I get it tomorrow.

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