Avatar: mini review

While I still have it in mind, Melissa and I watched Avatar this week and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve heard great things and I’ve heard bad things, so where as someone who saw it during the hype may not have been as thrilled with the movie (as many people with extremely high expectations tend to sour on something if it does not meet the expectations that are set by the highly set word of mouth) but a week after the Earth Day DVD release. I didn’t even buy the movie. I am choosen to wait for the major release with all of the fun behind the scenes things (which should be coming out later this year). My Mother purchased the movie and I decided to borrow it.

We started watching Avatar on Wednesday and were quickly taken to Pandora. The photo realistic CGI was flawless. The story may have been a rehash of the John Smith/Pocahantas story, but told fresh and from a different perspective. I think the real prize with this movie is the amazing special effects. According to the IMDB.com trivia page for Avatar says that “The movie is 40% live action and 60% photo-realistic CGI.” I highly recommend simply seeing this movie. There is no real need to see it 3-D or on IMAX, but I’m sure that would also help with the complete experience, but I was fine watching on my 40 inch screen at home, glued to my seat!

Anyway, tell me what you think. Agree disagree, doesn’t matter. Leave comments.


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