The Black Facade on

Finally, some movement on The Black Facade, starring Adam Chinoy (yes, you heard that right) it was originally supposed to be a shortmovie, but with they decided to shoot more and make it into a feature. I helped out with this, minimally, but I will promote it and hope that they do well. Somehow, someone got it onto,  the story is about:

Jackson Blackman just can’t get a break. He gets no respect from his roommate or friends, he plays out to empty coffee houses and scrubs money off his grandmother. Just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse his car dies, but is it a blessing in disguise? After roommate Kato drives him to a music shop Jackson is mistaken for Jack Black. Kato convinces him that this could be a new and prosperous chapter in his life. That night he meets Farin, a girl that actually likes him. After that, there’s no looking back for Jackson, he begins impersonating Jack Black full time. How long can Jackson keep his double life a secret from Farin?

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