UFO in China?


Melissa is asleep and I’ve been up not doing much…I think I’m kind of sad/feeling like I need to do something, now that the puppies aren’t here. I mean we’ve been working hard with them and now its just quiet in the house. Anyway, I can’t go to sleep just yet and I’m thinking one way to get my mind off of things (who knew I’d react this way?) I’m going to start emptying out some things from my e-mail. Some stuff is brand new, others are old! I’ll put the dates that I got them up as I post them.

This one is new, like yesterday new, from yahoo.com:

A Mystery Over China

by Mike KrumboltzJul 15, 2010

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On July 7, something unusual happened near the Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou, China. An oddly shaped bright light appeared, forcing the airport to close down and delay 18 flights. Things are now back to normal, but people are wondering, what was that “thing”?

An ABC News article on the mysterious sighting explains that some who witnessed the light are calling it a UFO. But, keep in mind, a UFO doesn’t necessarily mean little, green men.

There is plenty of speculation on whether or not the object was some sort of military aircraft or missile. The ABC article explains that a day following the sighting, “an anonymous source told China Daily that authorities already discovered the identity of the UFO after an investigation but could not publically disclose the information because ‘there was a military connection.'”

Authorities are continuing to look into the incident, but no public conclusions have yet been made. Despite, or perhaps because of the mystery, Web searches on “china ufo” quickly soared 576%. Related queries on “china ufo video 2010,” “china ufo sightings,” and “hangzou china ufo” also posted triple digit gains. Even now, a week after the sighting, online lookups remain high.

Truth be told, there’s not much left to be said. Something weird happened. Nobody knows what it was. And if they do, they aren’t saying. Check out the video below and judge for yourself.

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