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Here is an update for the UFO in China post from a few days ago, from yahoo.com:

“UFO” over China (video)

OMG! UFO! Or Maybe Not.

by Mike Krumboltz5 hours ago

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Last week, the Web was aflutter over rumors that a UFO had been spotted over Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou, China. There was even video that showed, well, something, soaring high in the sky.

The Atlantic reports that Geoffrey Forden, a weapons expert from MIT, has analyzed several of the alleged UFO videos. He has come to the conclusion that a) what people saw in one of the videos wasn’t a UFO, but a rocket, and b) the same video wasn’t taken anywhere near China. It was shot near Kazakhstan.

CNN explains how “Forden used scientific theories to examine the images of the flying object that he felt were not created with Photoshop.” Then, on a blog, Forden wrote: “It seems to me that a DF-21 [missile] launch somewhere near Jiuquan and aimed at a point somewhere in the eastern Gobi desert is the most likely cause of this ‘UFO.'”

Here’s where it gets a little tricky. As mentioned, there are actually several “UFO over China” videos floating around on the Web. Some appear to have been altered with photo-editing software, while some were not.

One of the videos making the rounds on the Web may have really been taken at the airport on the night in question. But (there’s always a but), those photos are likely of a missile. The Atlantic writes that “the likeliest scenario, it turns out, is that the Great Twinkling Light of Hangzhou was actually a Chinese ballistic missile, the DF-21.”

In other words, don’t go calling the Men in Black just yet.

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