Cup of Joe


I’ve been enjoying coffee for a long long time. I’ve been on and off recently. I find that if I wake up really early, I need it to get through the morning, but if I sleep well enough during the night and wake up at a reasonable hour, I don’t necessarily need the coffee. Especially on weekends, no real need, unless there is a plentiful amount and if I don’t have to make it myself.

Anyway, I’ve always heard the term “Cup of Joe” or even the more relevant Dunkin Donuts Box of Joe; I also figured, like everything else, there was an origin to the term. Then, this past weekend on, the main page (seeing that it was a slow news day) posted the origin of the term “Cup of Joe”.


Why do they call coffee a ‘cup of joe’ ?

Josephus Daniels (18 May 1862-15 January 1948) was appointed Secretary of the Navy by President Woodrow Wilson in 1913. Among his reforms of the Navy were inaugurating the practice of making 100 Sailors from the Fleet eligible for entrance into the Naval Academy, the introduction of women into the service, and the abolishment of the officers’ wine mess. From that time on, the strongest drink aboard Navy ships could only be coffee and over the years, a cup of coffee became known as “a cup of Joe”.


Kind of makes me want a cup of coffee right now…but its way too late to be drinking that right now…

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