Kane: Money in the Bank and World Heavyweight Champion


WWE’s first Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View (PPV) was last night. Not the first time there has been a Money in the Bank match, there has been five previous at the last five Wrestlemanias. The Money in the Bank match is a ladder match that has a briefcase with a World Championship match anytime, anywhere for up to a year.

Kane was not one of my top choices for this match, in the past Wrestlemania Money in the Bank matches it has been left for an up-and-coming superstar. But seeing that there has already been one at Wrestlemania 26 (Jack Swagger) it didn’t really matter. Besides, The Miz would go on to win the Raw Money in the Bank match later in the night (again, another shocker).  But Kane, who has been around as Kane for almost 15 years and has only won the WWE Championship once (and for only one day).

So, Kane winning the briefcase wasn’t a big deal. One thing I noticed while watching it on-line this morning was that they called The Big Show a five time World Champion. I knew he had won the WCW World Championship twice and the WWE Championship twice and the ECW Championship once, so I figured the ECW championship was considered a World Championship. I guess that would make Kane a three time World Champion (WWE, ECW and World Heavyweight).

Kane would go on to cash in his Money in the Bank win against Rey Mysterio to win the World Heavyweight Championship. I honestly have no problem with this. I have a feeling that Kane (Glen Jacobs) time in WWE is probably coming to an end (retiring) and this might be a way to say thank you for a long and memorable career (at least when he first came into the WWE it was memorable).

But if his career is truly coming to an end, can we at least get the mask back on Kane?

3 thoughts on “Kane: Money in the Bank and World Heavyweight Champion

  1. ... says:

    well considering the fact that the wwecw title kane wore before changing it into that silver crap was a world title since the belt states world heavweight wrestling champion.

    1. Cos says:

      I always felt that the ECW championship (prior to the Silver Phoenix belt) was a World Heavyweight Championship. Which would imply that CM Punk is a four time world champ, Kane 3 time, Matt Hardy 1 time…Chavo 1 time. I never minded that they had the ECW championship on a bunch of people that deserved to have it, I just wish they had treated it much better. I miss ECW because a lot of up and coming guys first started out on ECW and now we don’t even have that option. WWE also missed the boat on having this show and allowing it to be a show for a more adult crowd. Especially seeing that it came on at 10pm.

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