We Don’t Know Anything About the Wrestling Business? Who Cares?


Cos’ Blog adds another contributor, Smark Central, with their own views on wrestling will add a lot to the diversity of the blog.  I have to say, after reading this entry, I 100% agree with it and this will be my one and only introduction to their posts.

We Don’t Know Anything About the Wrestling Business?  Who Cares?

by: Smark Central

Over the last 15 years the internet has quickly become a fixture in our everyday lives.  It has opened our eyes and shown us things that we have never been exposed to before.  Whether its intimate details about a celebrity’s personal life or Asian fart porn, there is an endless cavalcade of information to be held.  One of the things I use the internet for the most is reading about the ins and outs, rumors, and factual information about professional wrestling, more specifically the WWE.  Now we all know there is a lot of misinformation on the internet.  In fact there may be more misinformation than actual information depending what you’re looking for.  However, I do not think that even with all the false rumors and hearsay that the WWE can justify the internet wrestling community as being “stupid”.

Call me a smark if you want, an internet nerd, a whiner, a complainer, but don’t tell me that I know absolutely zero about what goes on behind the scenes.  I have been watching this stuff for twenty four of my twenty seven years on this Earth so I know what I’m talking about when it comes to professional wrestling.  No, I may not know all the ins and outs of the business and what it takes to run a company like the WWE, but I know what makes sense.  Having Kane come out and claim that he’s done horrible things to Rey Mysertio and then have Mysterio come out without a scratch and have no explanation of where he’s been over the last six weeks doesn’t make sense.  Having Jeff Hardy play the hero over someone promoting a clean lifestyle despite Hardy being a drug addict is dumb.  I could go on all day about the stupid angles, stories, pushes over the past few years, but my point is it does not take intimate knowledge of the wrestling business to know what makes sense and what makes for good TV.

I think the problem is the majority of the fans are stupid.  Some still think what goes on in and out of the ring is real.  This is where the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) is at a disadvantage.  We are outnumbered and therefore our opinions and feelings are not acknowledged as much as the kids and the dumb rednecks who don’t even know what the word “mark” means.  I mean we are all guilty of being marks at times, but these people are absolutely convinced that The Miz in the ring is the same guy who’s ordering a hamburger at McDonalds.

The other complaint about the internet fans is that we complain too much.  We always have something to bitch about.  I agree that we sometimes get carried away.  That the programs are not as bad as we make them out to be, but that’s only because we care more than anyone else about this business.  A lot of fans will come and go.  Some of these kids watching now will stop watching and wonder why they ever watched this “garbage” to begin with, but not us.  The so called “internet complainers” are your truest and loyalist fans of all.  We have seen the highest highs and the lowest lows that this company has seen and we’ve stayed.  Even now that the program has reverted back to a state just as kid friendly and safe as the one we began watching we have stayed.  So while the idiots may have the loudest voice, we have the most passionate one.  While we may bitch and moan every time John Cena wins another World title its only because we care and we want the show to be the best it can be (also because Cena is a giant butt kissing tool).


If the attitude era proved one thing it proved that if you listen to your fans, you can have success.  You listened to us then Vince, don’t stop now.  Don’t’ take the easy way out because you can.  Don’t try to outsmart us.  Just write great, compelling television that makes sense.  It doesn’t have to be trash TV w/boobs and beer and middle fingers, it just has to be done well.  If it makes perfect sense to have Christian be Jeff’s attacker then don’t make it Matt Hardy just because someone spoiled it over the internet.  That’s dumb.  That makes no sense.  That made be want to punch a cripple who’s holding a baby and throw them into a pit of fire.  Please Vince save the cripples and babies and make WWE great again.  We all know what it can be.  There is enough talent to make it happen, but it’s up to you to put it all together.  Good luck my friend, your going to need it.

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