Cube 3D?


I’ve been a fan of Cube since my freshmen year of college; but I remember hearing about the movie back in my Junior year of high school while I was working the morning show at school (A.M. Wired) and one of the other guys (who was a senior and I don’t remember there name–sorry) said that he went to Blockbuster to find a movie called Pi and couldn’t find it and settled for Cube.  Jokingly, I asked him if they were sequels to each other, I mean, they are both mathematical terms. Little did I realize that a few years later I would be watching Cube and about four years from that initial year in high school I would be watching Pi simply based on the fact that I not only liked the director’s other movie but that it was included in the pack. Thank you Darren Aronofsky (director of: Black Swan, The Wrestler, The Fountain, Requiem for a Dream and Pi).

But getting back to  Cube, I loved the movie and later on, in my Junior year of college, I wanted to show Melissa this great thriller of a movie and we went out to Best Buy (back when she didn’t mind going with me to Best Buy) and we bought Cube and the direct to DVD Cube 2: Hypercube. The second one paled in comparison to the first one and years later I would purchase Cube Zero (a prequel to the first one) and that one was the worse of them.

A few years ago I had read, and after checking never posted on the blog, that Lionsgate had purchased the rights to the sequel, prequel and television rights to the Cube series. That would make for a very interesting SyFy channel series or something. Now, word comes that Lionsgate is planning on making a Cube 3D movie, I can see that happening. All horror movies seem to be going into 3D. I might skip it in the theater but watch it on DVD seeing that I am a fan of the series. Hopefully they do the original justice.

from Dark Horizons:

Lionsgate Planning “Cube 3D”

By Garth Franklin Tuesday March 8th 2011 12:17PM

Lionsgate Planning "Cube 3D"

Lionsgate is currently fielding pitches for “Cube 3D” reports STYD.

Vincenzo Natali’s cult 1997 sci-fi/horror thriller follows a group of strangers who are confined to a giant prison made up entirely of cubic rooms that resemble each other.

Most contain a lethal device and as the group try and work their way to the entrance, not all of them will survive.

One sequel and one prequel were produced and released on DVD. It’s not sure if this project is either a sequel or remake of the original, but it will go theatrical.

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