Lame Batman villains


Screen Junkies had this quick list of 9 Lame-Ass Batman Villains Who Should Never Be In A Film, and I have to say, I remember watching the 60’s show when New York’s WPIX Channel 11 started replaying them around the time that Tim Burton’s Batman came out in the late 80’s and I remember King Tut and I hated him. I thought he was such a lame villain, even then. I also, remember The Ventriloquist aka Scarface from the Batman: The Animated Series and later in the comic books when I decided to read them and I always felt that he was such a stupid character. No one would ever take that one seriously. So, when I checked this list out, I can honestly say, I agree with all of them.

Did they miss any?

Here are a few of my favorite ones from Screen Junkies:

The Ventriloquist

Arnold Wesker was a mild mannered orphan who was sent to prison after a barroom brawl. In prison, he met a gangster named Scarface, and the two became partners in crime. It’s a plausible story, except for the fact that Scarface is actually a puppet, and Wesker is his deranged ventriloquist. I don’t think audiences will take a guy with his hand up a puppet’s ass too seriously, but I guess we’ll find out for sure when Mel Gibson’s new film, Beaver, comes out.


King Tut

batman villain

I loved the 1960’s Batman series when I was a little kid. Guess what? Little kids are stupid. That’s why we don’t let the vote, or drive, or leave their cages on the weekends. That show was awful, so it makes sense that a character made specifically for that show would be awful, as well. Unless you want a fat dude who mistakenly believes he’s the reincarnation of a long dead Egyptian fighting the caped crusader, it’s best they leave him out of the next film.

Check the rest out at Screen Junkies.

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