9 Actors Who Saved Otherwise Mediocre Movies


9 Actors Who Saved Otherwise Mediocre Movies
By Mother Brain

Neil Bulson of Guyism.com recently put up a top 9 list of actors who saved films that were somewhat lacking in substance. This has been a common trend in major Hollywood movies over the years. Eddie Murphy saved 48 HRS. and Beverly Hills Cop from being typical cops and robbers fluff; Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the X-Men films is usually the saving grace when the direction falls flat (with great exception to X2); Will Smith prevented Independence Day from being a special effects-driven movie full of cardboard cutout characters saving the world from aliens and created a likable hero we could all love and root for. After reading Bulson’s article, I found myself thinking about a lot the films he mentioned which I’ve seen and agreed with most of his points. Although there is one obvious movie near the end of the list that definitely opens up room for a heated debate. Check out the link below and post your thoughts.



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