“Total Recall” Remake has a villain


I’ve been calling this one “Total Remake”. I’ve been very against this, especially after I heard that they have dropped the entire Mars part of the story and instead are going for a futuristic Earth. The whole point was to get his “ass to Mars!” Now they seem to have a villain and judging by the way the guy looks he could either be the master mind Cohaagen or the grunt second in charge, Richter; if they are even going with those names! I mean, you would think for such a fanbase that they would have to use those names right? Then again, you would think with the fanbase that they would have to utilize the Mars portion of the story.


I will say, I was always a fan of there being multiple bad guys, a main one (like Cohaagen) and then a second in charge or grunt (like Richter) it gave the movies such a video game feel. I know this movie came out in 1990, but it still has that 80’s feel to it, I mean, seriously, it was shot in 89…but that multiple bad guys thing just screams of 80’s…

Anyway, below is the begining of the article from Dark Horizons:

Bryan Cranston Is “Total Recall” Villain

By Garth Franklin Wednesday March 30th 2011 02:41PM

Bryan Cranston Is "Total Recall" Villain

“Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston is in negotiations to play the villain in the remake of “Total Recall” at Sony Pictures reports Variety.

To read the rest, go to Dark Horizons.

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