R.I.P. Chevys in Parsippany


Found out about this a few hours after it apparently happened, but the Chevys Fresh Mex that has been on Rt. 10 in Parsippany since at least 1999 (I remember because my parents and I went to L.A. and ate at one in the summer of 99. Later we found it about a month later, so that’s how I know how long it’s been there) went up in flames. Crazy! I’m really crazing the Chevys salsa right now…so sad…


Here is an article with some pics from The Daily Record:

Fire at Chevys restaurant in Parsippany

7:59 PM, May. 12, 2011

PARSIPPANY — — Authorities said a blaze that severely damaged the Chevys restaurant and injured a firefighter Thursday morning was sparked by the ignition of grease in a ceiling duct.The fire was reported by a motorist who saw flames shooting through the restaurant’s roof at about 8:45 a.m. Dozens of firefighters responded to the restaurant, which is located at the intersection of routes 10 and 202, and brought the fire under control by 10:30 a.m.

You can view the rest of the article and the pictures at: The Daily Record





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