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There are very few things that excite me about television shows, but the name J.J. Abrams is one of them. I loved “Lost” and I’m a huge fan of “Fringe” (though, I must confess that I have missed 3/4’s of this current season because I was watching the entire series of Lost back in the fall and I missed too many shows to go back. I figured I’d catch up on DVD during the summer) and this series, Alcatraz looks like it is a combination of both!


Starring Sam Neill (best known as Dr. Grant from Jurassic Park) and Jorge Reyes (best known as Hurley in Lost) this show looks like it will be promising. I can only hope that Fox pairs this up with Fringe to have an entire night of crazy sci-fi, action and adventure.

Below is the beginning of the article from UGO:

Alcatraz’ First Trailer Escapes from FOX Upfront

As the Upfronts for Fall 2011 continue to roll onward, the latest trailers and sneak peeks for upcoming series keep flooding our way.

So what’s the latest trailer to claw its way out from the depths of network confinement?  Well how about our first look at the new J.J. Abrams time-travelling thriller Alcatraz, starring Jorge Reyes (LOST), Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) and Rebecca Madsen (Sons of Anarchy)!

Debuting in FOX’s midseason, Alcatraz follows 302 notorious criminals of the famed prison who disappear from lockdown one night and find themselves transported to 2011 under mysterious circumstances.  But why take our word for it when you have the official press release?

To view the rest of the article, please go to: UGO

Below is the trailer for the show:


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