Yucca toys for Rabbits?


I saw this the other day and what made it stand out for me was the fact that the toy is apparently made out of Yucca. I know of Yucca from my parents, who have occasionally made it as part of Puerto Rican meals, seeing that I am Puerto Rican one would assume that I enjoy eating this, but I don’t. Melissa actually likes it, which has caused many people to say she is more Puerto Rican than I am.

I wonder if Peanut would enjoy playing and chewing on these, would that make him even more Puerto Rican than me?

From Bunspace:

Yucca Toss Toy
Item Id: HP-YTT
This fun toss toy is sure to keep your rabbit entertained and satisfies his natural urge to chew. Made from yucca pieces, wooden beads and cotton sash cord, it offers natural scents and textures to delight all your rabbit’s senses.





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