Rutgers ‘Grease Trucks’ might be forced to move?


News12 just posted this on facebook, apparently after 20 years of having the Grease Trucks around, Rutgers is feeling the burn on the amount of money it costs to keep the parking lot where the trucks are housed, along with the price of extra security. Rutgers University says that it can cost up to $20,000 a year covering the cost of the parking lot and everything that is included; and in this economy it is no surprise to me that they would want to put a halt to that spending. Rutgers says that they may force the trucks to move and put the lots up for public bids. All of the truck owners are trying to comply with anything that the University wants, but they do fear that either higher rent or being forced to move could cause them to put them out of business.

I for one think it would be a shame to see those iconic grease trucks go. Melissa and I went there with some friends of ours not too long ago and we honestly felt like to oldest people there. But the atmosphere and the food there are still alive and kicking. The Grease Trucks even have their own Wikipedia page!

To read the article or watch the video, click the link: New12

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