WWE working on CM Punk DVD


Mother Brain sent this link to me from PWInsider that simply states that the WWE has finally started working on a DVD of CM Punk. The DVD would include both a documentary on Punk’s life and career and include a collection of matches that he’s had with the WWE.

Now with that said, I have to say I am both excited and a bit concerned with this DVD. What made DVD collections of Chris Jericho, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Rey Mysterio such an interesting purchase was that they included matches from other promotions, including WCW and ECW. But with CM Punk he’s had some great matches and feuds on the independent circuit, including Ring of Honor where he had the most exposure–he also spent less then a year in TNA (not to be confused with DVDs of John Morrison, Kane, Undertaker, Randy Orton and even The Rock; while none of them are particularly bad, they don’t have the depth of someone who has been in multiple promotions) and I know he’s had some great matches in WWE but it would almost feel incomplete without the addition of some of those matches. Will he even be allowed to mention his ROH days?

I would almost prefer a biography of Punk, which is rumored to be apart of his contract stipulations from this past summer. I think someone like Punk would possibly allow for a very in depth read along the lines of a Mick Foley, who was able to speak about his years at multiple promotions over a large span of years.

Source: PWInsider

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