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The WWE might have their list of Awards for Wrestling and so do a bunch of other online entities, but I feel as if we here at Cos’ Blog have a great deal of insight into wrestling and we have a great list of awards going on here. I’m starting things off with my list for 2013 and we will follow up with a few more lists as well.

Here are my winners in their categories for wrestling excellence in 2013:

Match of the Year: CM Punk VS John Cena February 25, 2013 for the #1 Contendership for WWE Championship at WrestleMania


Wrestler of the Year: Daniel Bryan is there really a question as to why this is?


Worst Wrestler of the Year: The Big Show


Female Wrestler of the Year: AJ Lee, kind of wish it wasn’t AJ, I feel as if she has become so stale and I’m longing for someone to break through to the Divas division and uproot her.

tumblr_mk3mecJxW31qgvr4ko1_500And then I went a little nuts with the gifs of AJ:

tumblr_static_ajsidebar1 tumblr_mjw0d7hbtO1rpzf9oo6_r1_250 tumblr_mjw0d7hbtO1rpzf9oo3_r1_250

Worst Female Wrestler of the Year: Eva Marie, what has this girl done other than be in a reality show?

eva-marie-1Feud of the Year: CM Punk vs The Undertaker, I know out of the entire year this is the best I can do? I hate to say it but it was a pretty lackluster year when it comes to great feuds. For as much as I want Daniel Bryan or CM Punk (in another capacity) to have this spot, none of Bryan’s other feuds really stand out to me. CM Punk’s feuds were either bland or they went too long (ala his feud against Paul Heyman). Punk vs Taker I felt allowed for a quick hit for the month that they had and it culminated at Mania and that was it. It even had its realism with Paul Bearer.


Worst Feud of the Year: The Authority VS The Big Show

Tag Team of the Year: The Shield


Worst Tag Team of the Year: Los Matadors, failure from the beginning.


Most Improved: Roman Reigns, the muscle for the Shield, I am a little concerned that they are simply pushing him based on his size, but he looks like he could be a huge player in the coming months.

images tumblr_mf72se8TeE1qf5m9vo6_250

Rookie of the Year: Big E Langston, for me, Langston is a star, he’s big and he’s good in the ring and I see nothing but big things from him in 2014.


Most Overrated: Alberto Del Rio, he was World Heavyweight Champion for most of this year and who gave a SHIT! That’s why they jobbed him out to Hun Carra/ Sin Hunico/ Sin Carra #2. I actually wanted to like him but now I just don’t care!


Runner up: Fandango, I’m just not a fan of this time wasting character and long for some wrestling that doesn’t involve dancing. And aside from Summer Rae, I just don’t care about Fandango.

fandangoAnd just because I like Summer Rae:

summer-rae-ses-1-628x250 Summer-Rae SummerRaeDayOff

Most Underrated: Damien Sandow, I really hope that he has some great feuds in 2014 because he had a decent year but not as strong as it should have been. I knew it was all but downhill once he won the Money in the Bank briefcase, usually whoever wins (or won) the World Heavyweight Championship briefcase usually had a shitty rest of the year, see Ziggler the year before.


Best Gimmick: The Wyatt Family, while I’m still considering the wrestlers themselves to be just ok, I think the gimmick, the entrance and the music to be great and I hope to see improvement from them real soon.


Worst Gimmick: Wade Barrett, through no fault of his own he has become a joke on screen. He should be wrestling in upper mid-card feuds and instead was repackaged as #Bad News Barrett.


Best Babyface: Daniel Bryan, no one lights up a crowd like Daniel Bryan does. I hope that the WWE sees that and continues to push him through 2014.


Best Heel: Brock Lesnar, despite only being there for a few weeks of shows and a few PPVs I feel as if no one brings a more dominate and realistic feel to the show. This man can legitimately hurt someone in the ring if he wanted to and I hope to continue to see big matches from him next year.


Most Embarrassing Wrestler: El Torito, I don’t even want to comment.


Best Return: Goldust, I’ve been a Goldust fan since the Attitude Era and always felt bad when things did not work well for Goldust and it finally seems as if he has found his rightful place.

cody_rhodes_and_goldust_by_mr_igfx-d6qzdurLet me know what you think, if you agree or disagree, did I miss something? Let me know below!

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