Quick Raw Review 2/17/14

If you’ve ever wondered if you should watch Raw!

Here is Raw in a nutshell.

With spoilers!

You’ve been warned!

From Smark Central:

With Punk gone, its basically a one match or one segment show.

the opener was the typical all the chamber guys come out and cut a one sentence promo saying how they’re going to win.  At the end a big brawl broke out with the chamber guys, the wyatss, and the shield.  Reigns beat Henry clean, Fandango wrestled Santino again bc the WWE obviously hates us, Bryan-Chrstian was ok, Bryan fought Kane right after and won by DQ, dont even remember what happened in between that  stuff to be honest.


Cena-Cesaro was amazing.  Everything else u can basically skip through and know how it turns out.

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