Just saw this on Ato’s facebook page and all I can say is I’ve seen a few too many things online that have gone viral to full trust this video, despite the fact that they have not only Christopher “Doc Brown” Lloyd, Tony Hawk, and Moby (just to name some of the celebrity participants) in this video.

Hoverboard and Tony Hawk

Also, they say that “The following demonstrations are completely real”; well, I would believe that if I hadn’t seen so many faked viral videos!

I want to believe! And so do the makers of this video, they even have “BELIEF” as the title to this video!

But don’t take my word on this, see for yourself, let me know what you think!

As for me, not buying it at all, not just yet, I have to see this demonstrated on the news or something live. And I can’t scratch the feeling of some sort of harness holding the celebrities up.

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