What is your Patronus from BuzzFeed

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Saw this on BuzzFeed yesterday and I gave in and just went through the quiz. If you don’t know what a Patronus is the concept is from the Harry Potter novels and movies and is conjured up as protection or a weapon (they are kind of like animal spirits of energy).

Anyway, I went through the quiz, I didn’t even know what specific patronuses most of the characters have and I ended up with:


I didn’t even know there was a hare patronus, maybe I just didn’t pay that much attention, I didn’t read the books (except for the very last one) so maybe they just never mentioned that there was a hare.

And to top it all off, I was rubbing Peanut’s head (one of our nightly things that we do to relax) I knew there was a connection between Peanut and I…haha!

To check out your own Patronus, go to: BuzzFeed

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