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Adam brought aboard a very important person to the shoot, someone who was not only in charge of art department but also of press (he is also a publist–Mike Ball) who was able to get the Daily Record in the store on Sunday to take photos and whatever else for more exposure on the film. Here are some pictures and the article:

Crew members set up a scene Sunday for the movie ‘The Waiting Game,’ which was filmed in Mendham. Actors, production assistants and directors filmed at Scarlet, a clothing shop on East Main Street.

A Mendham shop becomes movie set for the weekend

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

MENDHAM — A local shop was the setting for a movie filmed over the weekend.

The movie, whose working title is “The Waiting Game,”was described as a satire about relationships and love.

It was filmed Saturday, Sunday and Monday at the Scarlet clothing shop at 6 East Main St.

“The story is one we have all experienced and can relate to,”press agent Michael G. Ball said. “Sitting by the fitting room and waiting for our girlfriend or boyfriend to asked that loaded question: ‘Does this make me look fat?'”

About two dozen actors, directors and other production assistants were on scene at 11 a.m. Sunday, along with a Mendham police officer. The shop was closed. Props included a pile of $36 Lacoste polo shirts on a table.

A male actor, in character, explained his philosophy of love –“15 minutes in the back of my van,” he said.

“The Waiting Game” is being produced by Green Gecko Films. Two of the company’s directors, Adam Chinoy and Marcos Cosme, are graduates of the electronic filmmaking program at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Mendham–April 1, 2007–Filming at Scarletboutique Femme, a store at 6 East Main Street in Mendham, the movie”The Waiting Game”. 2007 Photo by John Bel

Mendham–April 1, 2007–The movie, The Waiting Game is being film at Scarlet, a store on Main Street in Mendham. A scene is being film as Doug Albin playing Bruno with Darcell Digg playing Augie, walking into a womens department, in a department store. 2007 Photo by John Bell

Mendham–April 1, 2007–Filming at Scarlet boutique femme at 6 East Street in Mendham. The movie “The Waiting Game”. Doug Albin plays Bruno, he is in between scenes. 2007 Photo by John Bell

Mendham–April 1, 2007–Filming at Scarlet boutique femme, a store at 6 east Main Street in Mendham. The movie “The Waiting Game”. Darcell Digg plays Augie a hooker, waitng for her next scene. 2007 John Bell

Mendham–April 1, 2007–Filming at Scarlet boutique femme, at 6 East Main Street in Mendham. The movie “The Waiting Game”. Jennifer Arthur plays Lorraine, she is looking over her lines, before she goes on. 2007 John Bell

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