More Batman Movies After “Dark Knight Rises”


I’m not a fan at all of reboots. I’m generally against the current reboot of Spider-man, I don’t care if it ends up being better than the original. I wasn’t a big fan of Spider-Man 1 or 3, I however loved 2 and thought the series could have used a 4th and 5th movie as were rumors, just a few years ago. It get ridiculous after a while where a movie studio can’t even give some time in between the end of one series and the beginning of the next. I mean at least when Casino Royale came out we all understood where they were coming from. The series had reach a point where they didn’t have anything else and they needed to start fresh and in a new millennium. Same goes for Star Trek, but with Star Trek (and James Bond too) they didn’t completely crap on the previous movies, those still hold merit in the series, they are just starting over. But with the new Spider-Man series (the first one being called “The Amazing Spider-Man”) they are completely rebooting the series to start in high school.

Now, mind you, I am completely appalled by the fact that they are already considering rebooting the Batman franchise, even though the third and final film in the Christopher Nolan series has yet to even started shooting…but I do remember a number of years ago being appalled that they would even think about rebooting Batman…but getting over it knowing that after the craptastic “Batman & Robin” it was something worth investing time into.

But with the amount of hard work put in by Nolan, there is no reason to jump to making another one three or four years after “The Dark Knight Rises” comes out. Give us some time to digest the fact that the series is complete. Put some effort into another series. Try and make something new and fresh.

The following is from Dark Horizons:

Fourth Batman, Justice League On The Way

By Garth Franklin Tuesday March 29th 2011 11:38AM

Fourth Batman, Justice League On The Way

As previously reported, Chris Nolan’s upcoming “The Dark Knight Rises” is a trilogy capper – a true ‘end of Batman’ story that finishes off the universe he created in “Batman Begins” and expanded in “The Dark Knight”, and certainly isn’t territory we’ve seen a “Batman” film explore as yet.

That of course isn’t the kind of thing a studio likes to hear – especially if the property is still very much a viable and healthy one. Now, talking with The Los Angeles Times, Warner Bros. executive Jeff Robinov says the studio is planning to continue on with the character, and that Nolan himself will be involved albeit in a reduced capacity.

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