Yesterday you read that Edge won the WWE title, well today, Batista, the World Champion (these are the two big titles on WWE television, each show is considered its own brand as if one was WWE and the other was WCW so they are the top guys on their shows) relinquished his title due to a torn tricep…here is an article describing what is going on at tonights Smackdown taping:

Batista relinquishes World Heavyweight Championship
January 10, 2006

Tonight at the SmackDown television taping in Philadelphia, Batista’s torn right triceps forced him to relinquish the World Heavyweight Championship over to General Manager Theodore Long.

Long immediately declared that there would be a Battle Royal tonight to determine the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Stay tuned to WWE.com as we update you on the winner of the Battle Royal later tonight.

I’ll post something whenever I find out who the new champion is.


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