WWE press release for Saturday Night’s Main Event

Sounds exciting, its kind of like a prime time pay per view on national television.

WWE issued the following press release today:


John Cena�, Triple H�, Shawn Michaels�, Kurt Angle� and Mr. McMahon� Forge New History on Upcoming Primetime Debut

NEW YORK � February __, 2006 � After a 13-year hiatus, World Wrestling Entertainment�’s (WWE) hit sensation “Saturday Night’s Main Event” returns to NBC on Sat., March 18 (8-10 p.m. ET/PT). This two-hour special presentation of the raucous extravaganza that sparked a revolution in American pop culture and made international stars out of Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and Jesse “The Body” Ventura, will herald the NBC primetime debut of WWE’s newest crop of superstars. The show will feature “Monday Night RAW�” grapplers WWE Champion John Cena, 10-time world champion Triple H, and Women’s Champion Trish Stratus�, along with Shawn Michaels, Edge�, Diva and Playboy Cover Girl Candice Michelle�, Shane McMahon� and the indomitable WWE Chairman, Mr. McMahon, among others.

Stepping into the ring from Friday Night SmackDown�, will be World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, Undertaker�, Randy Orton�, and Rey Mysterio�, making this event a showcase for the best of the best in the WWE.

The NBC event also is a pivotal stop on the road to WrestleMania� 22 on April 2 (WWE’s biggest event �available only pay-per-view). Featuring a new generation of superstars, “Saturday Night’s Main Event” will provide thrilling storylines, shocking betrayals and larger-than-life characters battling for championship glory.

“The original Saturday Night Main Event was a pop culture phenomenon with a rich history of big moments,” said Vince McMahon. “We promise to make the new Main Event in prime time on NBC even bigger and better.”

“This special event will extend our ongoing relationship with WWE � as seen on USA’s popular Monday Night Raw,” said NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly, ” and it’s a genuine opportunity to do some real business in Saturday Night Primetime.”

“Saturday Night’s Main Event” debuted on NBC in late night as a replacement for “Saturday Night Live” repeats in 1985, and ran through 1992. The groundbreaking program brought professional wrestling to broadcast television for the first time and set off two decades of success on broadcast and cable, including ratings titan “Monday Night RAW” on USA Network. The televised wrestling rumbles also launched a galaxy of multi-talented Superstars that crossed over from the ring to countless areas of American entertainment, such as “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, The Honky Tonk Man and King Kong Bundy.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: WWE) is an integrated media and entertainment company headquartered in Stamford, Conn., with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto and London. Additional information on the company can be found at wwe.com and corporate.wwe.com.

I just hope that when its all said and done, its actually good and helps to propel Wrestlemania and not hurt it. They could really use this as a way to advertise Wrestlemania.


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