Matty’s Response

On Tuesday, Peanut Chew called out Matty H., stating “Any match, any stipulation old man!” Today Matty H. responded with his match choice. He had this to say:

“Well, my little Nut Chew, it seems that you’re pride has gotten the better of you, and even though I fairly beat you in the cage match last Sunday you still want me to teach you a lesson huh? So, little nephew, I have this to say, I will accept your challenge, and the match that I choose will be…tables, ladders and chairs!”

When the little bunny heard what his Uncle had to say he said this: “…crap…”

Matty H. won his second CMWF World Heavyweight Championship in a regular ladder match, this one will also include the use of weapons such as chairs and tables (that one could be thrown through). In regular ladder matches something is held over the ring that has the participants in the match climb and ladder (or use the ladder against one another) in order to be the only one to climb the ladder and take what is up there.

At present time Matty H. has not disclosed what it is that will be hung above the ring in his Tables, Ladders and Chair (TLC) match that will take place this Sunday.

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