Squirrel Master

On Scott Keith’s Blog of Doom, he posted this video…fucking funny as hell…

Reminds me of while shooting Ethan Ross, during our lunch break (yes, I wasn’t a slave driver, I gave them lunch breaks, I even bought them lunch) Adam and I were eating outside in the refridgerator called January (on the coldest month in 2004…ask anyone who was there, they ran inside in between takes, Adam stayed out side for about 14 hours (probably more) one day, I stayed out probably 12–crazy shit) and we were eating sandwiches, and I left a bag of Doritos on a bench and walked away for about a minute. We turned around and there was a squirrel eating the Doritos. We didn’t get it on tape, everything was set up for the next shot, and well, we started feeding the squirrel, he kept coming up to us and taking the Doritos…he left really fat…


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