Results for the special match from last night

When Marcos and Melissa left to go have fun with their family, Pierre did not waste any time taunting the little Peanut Chew. “Come on you little freak! I’ll kick your ass!”

Peanut Chew responded by saying, “You won’t be that cocky when I beat you and take your title away!”

And with that they were on.

The match went back and forth for a long time, many near falls (pins). Peanut hopped onto the top rope and did the flying jackrabbit off of it and pinned Pierre!

Suddenly Matty H. ran in, oh my god! he must have stowed away in the car on the ride down to South Jersey!

Matty H. distracts Peanut Chew, allowing Pierre to roll him up for the 1-2-3.

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion: Pierre

After the match: Pierre leaves, enjoying his win and Peanut grabs the mic and screams at his uncle: “WHAT DO YOU WANT? WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM! GET IN THE RING!”

Matty H. gets into the ring and stares the little rabbit down, grabs the mic and says “On Sunday, PAW will have its greatest match ever…” he leans over and whispers something into Peanut’s ear and backs away as the bunny is in shock. Matty H. throws down the mic and walks out of the ring.

What did he say! Dammit!

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