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I posted a blog about Greg a few months back…at least I thought I did, upon checking, I guess I must have done it in like a comment or something. Greg was one of my residents in my second year of being an RA. He stayed in the same room that The Vault Keeper did the year after and he used to draw an online comic and I was in one of them. Now he put me back on and I laughed when I saw it. Check it out:

Greg had this to say on his website (and he even posted a link to the original comic which I will post below) don’t try to click on his links, it doesn’t matter, the comic is below anyway:

Some of you avid readers may have noticed that in today’s comic the RA is actually very similar to this fellow from LGP-R. And, indeed, they are one in the same. Marcos was in fact my first RA at Fairleigh Dickinson University. The persona I have given him in the comic is not to be comfused, or assumed, to be his actual personality. He is actually a very nice guy, however, nice guys aren’t as funny in a comic setting. So, Marcos, this one is for you.

Thanks Greg, great stuff! I think my comic version has even improved since the first one. Keep up the great work…try and work me in again sometime, like maybe me finding you on myspace or something.


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