Sunday Night PAW results 4/9/06

Here are the PAW results from this past weekend:

Sunday Night PAW

Match #1
Bandit Vs Gimli the Goat

Bandit tries to play dead and Gimli makes easy pickings off of the little Jack Russell, pinning him in 4 minutes and 26 seconds.

Winner: Gimli the Goat

Luna debut’s in two weeks.

Match #2
Aquatic Match
Comet #2 and #1 VS Dale and Erika

Since #1 is the only Comet Clan member that doesn’t look the same only #2 is able to switch in and out of the match without the ref noticing that it is a different guy. George runs down and grabs all three of the orange commet members leaving #1 the leader in the ring and Dale and Erika pin him.

Winners: Dale and Erika

Comet Clan leader #1 storms off with the other three trailing right behind trying to explain it to him.

Match #3
#1 Contendership match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Peanut Chew VS Pierre

Peanut gives a valiant effort but is no match for the chirping power of Pierre.

Peanut taps out at 11 minutes and 16 seconds.

Winner and the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship: Pierre

Pierre is beside himself, he can’t believe that he won the match and that next Sunday it will be him and Bae once again for the title.

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