Will Ferrell talks possible Anchorman sequel




from darkhorizons.com…did anyone notice that its been a while since I’ve posted something good from darkhorizons?

Ferrell Keen On “Anchorman” Sequel
Posted: Sunday October 8th 2006 12:40am
Source: IGN Filmforce
Author: Garth Franklin

Will Ferrell has announced his intention to make a sequel to his 2004 TV news spoof “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” reports IGN Filmforce.

The actor recently told The Toronto Star that “I would love to do a sequel. I was thinking, all of a sudden, for no reason, he’s a European correspondent and has to do foreign languages which he knows nothing about”.

Ferrell and director Adam McKay are swamped with a bunch of other projects right now, namely “Step Brothers”, but there’s talk of putting it “on the back burner and get going on an Anchorman sequel”.

I’m all for it. I still want to see the second direct to DVD movie that was made because they had enough alternate takes of Anchorman. Its called Wake Up Ron Burgandy and if you buy it it comes in a double pack of Anchorman and Wake Up and it costs 40 bucks. That’s why I don’t own it yet. Consider it part of my Christmas List 2006!!!


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