Raw Family Reunion

Raw gets a revamp, TONIGHT! Starting with a special 3 hour “season premiere” (I put the quotes because its not like a real season premiere, their season never ends)…

From WWE.com:

RAW revamp
By Craig Tello
October 9, 2006

Tonight, Papa Roach joins the ranks of Union Underground, Marilyn Manson, Drowning Pool and other dynamic, progressive rock bands as they unleash their song “To Be Loved” to forge a new sound for Monday Night RAW.

With the recognizable theme of RAW getting refreshed for the Family Reunion Special – along with a guest list that extends across all three brands – tonight marks a new milestone for Monday nights. As the unrivaled action of RAW evolves with this evening’s season premiere, the three-hour special will kick off with a brand-new sound.

Tune in tonight at a special start time of 8/9 CT to hear the new RAW theme song in full.

I’m taping it on my new DVR! It rules! Its like a TiVo, only better because I own it!


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