Hard Candy

Hard Candy was an independant movie that was all the talk earlier this year, especially with Ellen Page, the girl who plays the fourteen year old that suspects the 32 year old man who is talking to her on-line is a child pedophile and goes to his house and well…lets just say that she ends up being on the strong side of the film.

Great movie, Ellen Page played the character very well, she looks and acts like a 14 year old girl (maybe because she’s a few years shy of being a 14 year old (she was 18 when she shot the movie) and it was very intense.

I would recommend anyone who wants to enjoy their night not to watch this movie. Not that it was bad, not by any means, but it is in no way a light hearted movie and also not for the faint of heart. Ellen Page is a would be stalked turned stalker who gives Patrick Wilson’s character a run for his money.

We bought this one on On Demand and I think its definately worth a look.

Seven out of ten stars.


2 thoughts on “Hard Candy

  1. flammable says:

    Heard this one was pretty creepy. Just so glad that it didn’t become the drum that the fearmongerers beat, to try to get people off the internet because of the pedophiles.

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