Fraggle Rock coming to the big screens?



“Fraggle” To Rock On Film
Posted: Friday October 20th 2006 3:46am
Source: Assorted Sources
Author: Garth Franklin

Jim Henson’s classic mid 1980’s muppet series “Fraggle Rock” is coming to the big screen reports the trades.

Henson’s company has hired executive producer Ahmet Zappa (“The Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty McFearless”) to write a treatment for the film which will be a full-length live-action musical fantasy starring the underground dwellers who venture out into the human world.

Henson Co. co-topper Lisa Henson is producing, whilst Brian Henson will exec produce. The original show ran for 96 episodes over five seasons.

Cool! Wow! Here’s one I never saw them making but should have because it would instantly have old fans and a whole bunch of new fans going to see the movie. I don’t remember the tv show, I rememeber there being a cartoon Fraggle Rock that I used to watch. Though upon looking for any signs that I am not crazy and a cartoon version of Fraggle Rock really existed, I can’t seem to find any of them…oh well.


2 thoughts on “Fraggle Rock coming to the big screens?

  1. flammable says:

    No cartoon that I know of…and we never had HBO while growing up, so I missed out on this, mostly.

    Will be interesting to see, though, especially with Ahmet Zappa at the helm.

  2. socramforever says:

    yeah, I never saw the muppet show, I saw a cartoon, but no one ever heard of it. I don’t think it was a cartoon that was a stand alone cartoon, I think it was with something else. Like Alf the cartoon or something like that. I also think it was on NBC saturday mornings, along with Captain N the Game Master, please tell me you saw that cartoon…

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