2011: Year of the Rabbit


Hope everyone has a great New Years!

Seeing that 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit I see good things coming from 2011.

I think for starters, off the top of my head, three of my New Years Resolutions would be: 1) loose some weight, I need to get back to some form of shape,  2) do a hell of a lot more writing than I have been…I’ve been slacking, and 3) work on more film stuff, I just started getting back into that…

Also, I’m turning 29 (so sad) and it just seems like its the buffer year between the end of the twenties and the beginning of the thirties and it might just be a throw away year…but the last time I thought that I had just turned 19…and that was the year that I met Melissa…so maybe 2011 will be a pretty awesome year.

So, here is to the Year of the Rabbit, let’s hope it’s a great one!


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