‘Lost’ Numbers win Lottery…sort of…


I never did get around to writing my review of Lost-The Complete Series, I’m going to have to try and get that done soon before I forget. It’s just so hard to write anything about movies or television that isn’t spoilers. Anyway, I saw this online and I thought anyone who was a ‘Lost’ fan would appreciate it.

from Cafe Press:

LOST numbers wall clock

Maybe Hurley’s numbers weren’t such a curse after all.

On Tuesday night, the numbers drawn for the $355 million jackpot Mega Millions Lottery turned out to be purrrdy close to those familiar island digits we loved to ponder about (and then saw scrawled all over a cave wall in what looked like a child’s chicken scratch. By the way your handwriting stinks, Jacob.). Observe: the LOST numbers are 4 8 15 16 23 42. The Mega Millions numbers were 4 8 15 25 47 42. Uh, dude. Whoah.

The Huffington Post reported that more than 41,000 people won from having the LOST numbers on their ticket, each person winning $150 smackers. That’s a total of approximately $6.2 million dollars shelved out. Although $150 isn’t a chunk of change to quit your job over, it’s still pretty cool for those die-hard LOST fan friends out there to think about. Maybe you can start a tiki bar in your garage with your winnings. Or grab a bucket of fried chicken and toast to Hurley. Both sound like awesome ideas to me.

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