10 WWE SuperStars to watch for in 2011


This one comes from Bleacher Report and I thought the list was pretty strong. I have the say I agree with most of them, in fact, if you look at this list the WWE could feasibly have an entirely new generation of stars and easily phase out the old ones from the post-attitude era. Of course they wouldn’t, for fear of people dropping their product. But with the amount of talent I see on this list, they arguably have a much stronger main event scene then they do now! That’s just my opinion though…anything without Cena would be good.

My only thought is that Michael McGillicutty (worst name ever) has yet to prove himself and as far as I’m concerned cannot wrestle or speak on the mic. I would swap him for Kofi Kingston. Also, what happened to Jack Swagger, is he a main eventer or is he a mid-carder. And finally, its sad when Christian, the one that has been in the company the longest is on this list. He should have been elevated to the main event years ago. I just hope they give him a World Title. I think it would be a shame if he never had one in WWE.

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