Peanut Chew: Five Years Later

Five years ago today, the pride and joy of the family came home for the first time, our very own Peepers came home and things have not been the same since. Happy Anniversary Peanut Chew!

Here is Peanut’s very first video, from five year ago today:

Seeing that the video above was the first and only one from the first day, I looked around my folders and found some other videos that I haven’t seen since they were taken (I love it when that happens–it’s like that little surprise that happens when you forgot you left money in your pocket).

Anyway, here are two separate sets of videos, the first set is from 1-11-06:

Here is the second set of videos, these were taken on 1-17-06, a few days later:

Peanut was so cute and small and even faster then I remember him being. Peanut is still the man he was five years ago, he’s just a little more mature…thanks Peeps!


Today: I think he’s gotten angrier with age

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