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There is even stronger word that a fifth (and possible sixth) Pirates movies are in the process of being made.I haven’t seen the 4th one, On Stranger Tide, but if the second and third one are any indication, the quality of each film seems to be going down. I mean, that goes without question, usually the further into a story and the farther the distance from the first one, the lower the quality of the film.

I mean that doesn’t speak for every film and every franchise (Just look at the James Bond films) but more often then not, the first film (or two) tend to be the best and the rest just drop down in quality; usually faster than not.

Below is an article from Ain’t It Cool News:

A Fifth PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Appears To Be Ramping Up!! It Has A Writer Now, And A Possible Director!!

Published on: Jan 14, 2011 12:20:24 CST

Merrick here…

In the early days of the project, from the outside looking in at least, it felt like Disney’s forthcoming PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES would be something of a one-off.  Nothing implicitly stated as much, and no particular bit of info ruled out further adventures with Captain Jack & Co.  It was just a vibe – reinforced as recently as a few months ago by a time tested, highly trustworthy source who told me, in no uncertain terms, that ON STRANGER TIDES could well be the last POTC movie made for the big screen.

What a difference a few months make, I guess. And how  that tone has changed.

In early December we got word that consideration was being given to filming theoretical fifth and sixth installments in the franchise back-to-back.  Then, a day or two ago, Johnny Depp spoke openly and positively about returning as Jack Sparrow for further jaunts –  “As long as we can put all the puzzle pieces together…” – in THIS piece over at Entertainment Weekly.  And now, Deadline says that Terry Rossio has closed a deal to write a fifth PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN adventure.  While no reference to the conjectured sixth installment is made, the article does indicate that movement is already underway to return ON STRANGER TIDES director Rob Marshall for the next picture.

Rossio, who scripted all previous POTC films with longtime cohort Ted Elliot.  appears to be tackling number 5 solo at this time.  An interesting and noteworthy development – wonder where that’ll lead?

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