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Back when I was teaching (and no I do not miss it one bit) I worked in a new school that had a lot of great things like a Smartboard. A Smartboard, is described below:

Invented in 1991, the smartboard is a digital whiteboard that is touch sensitive and runs off of local computer system resources. It is an interactive whiteboard that can save and store any information that is written on it, as well as enable the user to refer to notes downloaded from the Internet or other sources.

Anyway, while going through my e-mail, I’ve come across these pics of Peanut and Cassie that I posted up and started playing with, thought you guys would enjoy it. This one dates back to April 8th, 2009:

Before library yesterday I put up a pic of Peanut and I put it on the smartboard and took out the “markers” that the smartboard has and drew on the pic and came up with these two pics:

I thought he looked too sad so I fixed it the second time around:

And one of my kids asked about Cassie so I did this one, but I couldn’t finish it because we had to go to library:

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