Die Hard & Scary Movie 5 news


News from Dark Horizons is that both of these franchises are moving forward with rumors on both. As for Die Hard, the one I actually care about, the other day I was thinking about if they did make another Die Hard movie it should be with Hans Grubers children coming back for revenge (which was the story to one of the Die Hard video games, and I just thought that was good idea.

From Dark Horizons:

“Die Hard,” “Scary Movie” Fifth Film Talk

By Garth Franklin Monday January 31st 2011 11:43AM

"Die Hard," "Scary Movie" Fifth Film Talk

Talk of two franchises today headed for fifth outings – one rumor, the other fact.

What’s Playing has posted an interesting bit of speculation that a fifth “Die Hard” is eventually on the way and yet another relative of Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) will serve as the bad guy, much as Gruber’s brother Simon (Jeremy Irons) did in the third film “Die Hard: With a Vengeance”. They add that the film is also going by the working title of “Die Hard 24/7”.

In more solid news, a quick Facebook posting by The Weinstein Company has confirmed that a fifth installment of the “Scary Movie” franchise is going ahead. No word on whose involved or if Anna Faris will return.

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