Beware The Ides of March


All these years I just assumed it was something made up by Shakespeare to make the soothsayer in Julius Caesar a little creepier…seems that Ides refers to a certain date on certain months, the 15th for obviously March along with May, July October. But it is also the 13th day for all the other months.

And, throughout history, not only did it mark the fateful day of Julius Caesar at the hands of the conspirators in the Senate but it also marks other occasions in history.

The Huffington Post has a small article with a slideshow, check it out:

Ides Of March 2011: March 15 History, Importance & Facts (PHOTOS)

The Huffington Post |  Dean Praetorius First Posted: 03-15-11 01:16 PM   |   Updated: 03-15-11 01:16 PM

The Ides of March hold a special significance for few in modern times, but historically they mark one of the most significant moments in ancient history.

You can read the rest at: The Huffington Post

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