Trish Stratus vs Vickie Guerrero with Snooki?


Yeah, you didn’t read that wrong, yes Trish Stratus vs Vickie Guerrero and also Snooki…crazy huh?

WWE is going all the way with Wrestlemania this year. The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, The Undertaker and now Trish Stratus in a match? Oh yeah, and Snooki…there is a name I never thought I would put on the blog…wait to go WWE…

The WWE is really doing what it did very well back in the 80’s and load up the card with not only matches but also a bunch of celebritites. So, while I’m not excited about Snooki being added to the Wrestlemania card, I am excited to see all of the former WWE Superstars work the biggest WWE show of the year.

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