Bunny IQ Toys


I’ve often thought of Peanut as a brilliant little creature. He is the master of his own realm and he is quite possibly the living embodiment of a Jedi Master. He is so confident in everything he does, barely taking a second to measure jumps, he skillfully glides from the floor unto the couch and then onto the back of the couch, really in a matter of seconds; all the while barely touching anything. He can taunt the girls and has never gotten caught. He can also use his own form of mind control that boggles the brain, earning treats and adoration for simply being the most handsome rabbit ever to step paw on this Earth.

Anyway, I saw these BunnyIQ Toys the Bunspace was advertising and thought he would be the best one to use and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that he would figure it out.

Check them out from Bunspace:

BunnyIQâ„¢ Toys Introducing a new series of toys that occupy and challenge your rabbits’ cognitive skills. It creates a stimulating environment that encourages rabbits to investigate and keeps them active and engaged. They eliminate boredom and help develop intelligence. Most rabbits enjoy the challenge of seeking out the hidden treats in our BunnyIQ â„¢ toys.

These unique wooden puzzles are designed to enrich your rabbit’s mind and foster a stronger bond between you and your pet. It keeps your rabbits healthy, happy and hopping!




To view the BunnyIQ Toys in full, please go to Bunspace!

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