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I can’t believe that I’ve been on this blog for six years. How crazy is that? I started back in college (during my Masters) upon recommendation from my friend Mike who had been telling me about blogs for a while. I final started it on Friday, March 25th, 2005. Strange that it was also a Friday. I didn’t think that I had done that. I think the reason why I called the first post The Return of the Blog was because at the time on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) they had a profile for every name and you could extend it into a Subprofile, which I had taken as my soap box to the world; but I ran out of room. I honestly didn’t think I’d like doing it, it was almost a responsibility, mostly to myself, to keep this thing updated regularly. I actually thought I’d get tired of it within a few days to a few weeks. There are some times that I find myself stressing to get something, ANYTHING, on here. I like posting daily, to keep things fresh and to keep people coming back for more. Even if I don’t know who they are or how many their actually are. But I enjoy it because for the most part, when I have the time and the mindset, it keeps me doing one of the things I’ve love to do my entire life: write.

When I am on fire, when I’ve hit a good stride, I feel that I can write with the best of them. You can almost tell when things are great because the writing just flows so smoothly. Other times, if there are mostly pictures and/or links posted, things are busy and I’m in the need for some fillers. I’ve been trying harder and harder to keep things more original on the blog for a while. Going so far as to not post entire articles, but simply give my take and then a link to the actual website. Keeps me sane.

This blog has seen some interesting things over the years, from the “CMWF World Heavyweight Championship” changing hands from humans to animals on almost a daily basis (this was the last posting of the WHC–This just in!) with Peanut becoming the longest reigning unchallenged Champion of all time. I’ve tried to bring it back on many occasions and the current roster has never been bigger. I mean in our house alone he has three furry contenders for his championship. I just don’t know if the blog would handle such silliness.  My personal favorite posting for the World Heavyweight Championship was a Photoshop-ed image of Peanut that took me a few hours to create. I don’t think any know what really went into this picture. Even the lighting in the entire arena was changed and made into a spotlight over the ring, you can find it here: CMWF PAW. Not bad for something that really started out as a mistake: Blog Mistake.

That also brings up the fact that when the blog started, it was Socram’s Blog, something that would stick for a long time (until Oct. 7th, 2007:  New Look, New Name (sort of), New Subtitle) and it also started on LiveJournal and eventually, again with the help of Mike, moved to it’s current home. I’ve been enjoying it on my own site, I feel like I have more ownership to it here than I did in the past. I’ve pretty much stuck with movie rumors, wrestling rumors, reviews and just total randomness: Happy Thanksgiving, Squirrel Master, Pic of a rabbit that scares me…, Squirrel attacks deer, Friday Night Update, Tropical Storm Cosme,Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Crotch Shot, Velociraptor, What every office needs, The New One Dollar Bill, Peanut Chew continues to be famous, Cassie Mae pics on-line, Meet Stallionaire, Vitamin Water commercial, Tropical Storm Cosme: Update, Most Random Picture in the World, Cassie wins 2nd place in costume contest, What are they looking at?, Fun with Cell Phone Pic Options, Making out with Peanut, Cassie running, Zombie Eye and Cassie in the snow, The Black Facade on, Only Child Syndrome found to be a Myth?, Cassie: The Luau Princess,Tired Mammals, My Owner is an Idiot, Wolverine or 2 Bat Men?, Google Search?,  Guilty Dog and Chloe Tunes! . All of those links above were randomly chosen. I just went to random months and dates and picked the ones that  I thought would be funny. Seeing some of the stuff that I just posted here, I barely remember posting any of them. Even just a month ago, with the Google Search? post, I totally forgot that I had posted that. Enjoy the postings above and continue to look around the blog and enjoy everything.

There have been over 70 “Pic of the Days” not including those pics that were named in the title of the post. Or the “Cow Pic of the Day” or “Cat Pic of the Day”. Here is a list of some of them:

Pic of the Day

Pic of the Day

Cassie Pic of the Day

Vampire Cow pic of the Day

Cell Pic of the Day 9/11/09

Cell Pic of the Day 9/1/09

The blog has also taken on some contributors in the last year and they have greatly helped with adding to the original content for this blog. Originally started as a personal blog that helped to keep a history of things that happen in not only my life but of the lives of the people around me. It continues to do that and helps give people a place to share their mind with some of the best writing around. A huge thank you to everyone who has made this blog possible:

Enjoy today and check out the last six years and come back tomorrow while we continue to bring you some great entertainment.


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